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May 2, 2016

Today I borrow a topic from Randy Cantrel of Leaning Toward Wisdom podcast. He pointed out that

Cows run away from storms.

Buffalo run toward a storm.

Who is in the storm the least amount of time?

The Buffalo.

It's not as fun, but it's not as fun for a shorter period of time.

We want this to be done quickly, so instead of doing things "half way" maybe we should realize we are running with the storm not into it.  

We need to quit looking at Diet Coke is "doing something". 

When we get of a treadmill and we are barely breaking a sweat, we are not really attacking thins head on (always contact your doctor before doing any exercise). 

Tony Gentilcore tells us to GROW UP, and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our actions, and for the shape we are in. 

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