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Jan 11, 2018

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Thanks to "the Kims" who left some kick butt comments last week, and basically saying they encourage me to keep trying, but maybe Advocare is not the best way to go. In the end its Food, Water, Sleep, and Activity that lead to weight loss. 

So I said I was going back to what I use to do. Then I had to take a look at what I am doing now and compare it to what I was doing when I lost weight. Sure, I eat a lot of chicken and vegetables, but if I REALLY look at what I do, some things have crept in. 

  1. I went MONTHS without Fast food, and now I was eating Fast Food two times a month. Now I might say, "Well, it's only two, but the bottom line is, I DIDN'T DO THIS AT ALL  when I was losing weight.
  2. Once a quarter I was now eating ice cream. This never happened when I was losing weight.
  3. I was being more active. While I'm not as concerned at getting 10,000 steps (as I'm looking more into weight lifting), that turned into not doing much of either

So I started tracking everything I was eating, and made to sure hit my calorie goal (1900) and I did. Since then, you guessed it I started losing weight. 

Seven Minute Workout

The other thing that I started using is the app " 7 "  or you can search for Seven. As I have to be honest with myself, I realize I'm not going to go out here in Ohio in January when it's -2 degrees. So I still want to build muscle, so I fired up this app. It's free and you can purchase more exercises if you want. It has a game effect where they want you to exercise every day for seven months.  I believe this is new to the app but you can now connect with friends and see their activity on your app. So now, when you see that they did their exercise you may inspire to do your exercise. Here is a link to a demonstration video

Habit Share App

Another fun app that has a built-in accountability is called Habit Share. It takes all of two minutes to setup and you can look for friends and share your goals with them. So now they can see how good (or bad )they are doing. then you can encourage them when they are doing good, and nudge them if they seem to have fallen and can't get back up. It works on both Android and iOs. It's completely free with no ads. Here is a demonstration video

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