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Feb 25, 2019

Talk to Future You

I was listening to a friend's podcasts called "You Wanna Do What?!" ( ) and she had a great segment I wanted to pass along (as well as add some thoughts I had).

There is some food in front of you. You want to eat it. You know it's not a good choice. However, you really would love to eat it. Monica brought up a great point. Talk to your future self. In the past, I've said I never felt bad getting off of a treadmill.  I have felt bad waking up the next day and stepping on a scale and realizing that food choice that I knew wasn't good has had a negative effect on my weight loss efforts.

So Monica says to talk to your future self. Think about how future self will be. Ask yourself do you really need the thing you are wanting to eat. Ask yourself "tomorrow will I be glad that I _____" and if you answer NO, then you'll be glad you stopped yourself from taking bad steps.

Make Your Goals Attractive

I'm still listening to Atomic Habits (get it free on Audible) and he previously talked about habit stacking where I have stacked lifting weights while I wait for the microwave to finish. In the last chapter, I read he talked about taking things you know you should do and tie them to something you WANT to do. I do this during football season. I can only watch football if I'm on my treadmill or my exercise bike. The idea is you start to look forward to the exercise you have tied to the activity you want to do. This requires discipline and integrity. In other words, don't lie to yourself. 

If you say, "I'll walk around the block before I watch my favorite TV show, and decide "I'll walk around the block AFTER the TV show, you have to discipline yourself. This sounds a bit like parents trying to get their kids to eat vegetables. "If you eat your green beans, you get an extra 15 minutes of video games..."

I love the idea of tieing actions to things you want to do, but don't fool yourself.

From the Audience:

Hey, my name is Caryn and I just started listening to some of your podcasts here recently and I have really enjoyed them. I like that you talk about what people really go through with their weight journey.
I myself have been on a "WEIGHT JOURNEY" for quite some time now and it never fails I give up when I plateau just because I get so discouraged that I am not losing weight and I want that instant gratification that I got from say the first 30-40lbs.
I started back in May(this time) on the Keto diet and lost 40lbs without exercise, then I lost my dad in October to cancer and kind of plateaued and then started to gain weight back. I had gained almost 10 lbs and was struggling with keeping it off. I would gain and lose it in the same week. I was basically going from 198 to 204 for months, so here recently since listening to your podcast and the Ed Mylett podcast, I have changed some things.
I decided I need to exercise more (well Duh), but also switch up my diet. Like I said before I was on the Keto diet since May, well I just switched to healthy foods and slowed down on my cheese intake. When I say healthy, I added in good healthy carbs as well, like I was able to have a baked potato and steak with salad the first night and it was so YUMMY. being on Keto you can't have stuff like that, I also switched to doing intermittent fasting just a couple times a week, not every day.
I was so shocked today being the end the 1st week of the change, I have almost lost 6lbs I started at 201.4 when I changed everything and now I am at 195.8. It was able to get me over thinking about giving up and has helped me focus on why I started doing this in the first place.
I started listening to your older podcast and have kind of skimmed through the list and listened to different ones and I just want to thank you for what you do, it really can make a difference in someone's life. - Caryn

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