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Dec 23, 2019

I was reading an article and it had a great plan. 
Track your feed for 10 days and look at those days where your weight maintains. Then take the average of those days and subtract 500 calories. 
So if you had
The average is 2076 
Subtract 500 calories and you get 1576 calories per day.
The key to this is to take the calories of the days you maintained. Guys don't want to go below 1500 calories and Women shouldn't go below 1200.
I had "Christmas" last weekend as my brother goes out of town and the meal put 2 lbs on me the next day. For me looking back, a strategy would've been to:
Put the food away after the meal. 
Get the cookies off the table 
In general, out of sight out of mind. Especially if you keep telling yourself, "OK, this is my last one..." then you know you are having an issue. Get it out of sight. 

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