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Feb 26, 2018

I was reading the book the 5 AM Miracle, and I really liked one part of it where the author had you filling out a spreadsheet outlining the tasks you wanted to accomplish each day to achieve your goals. The problem with this idea is I wanted to update it on my phone. While you can use google sheets, it was just clinky.

I had previously talked about the free app Habitshare which is great for sharing your progress with people (look for me under who then can nudge you to keep you accountable. 

So I set up some tasks and aligned them on when they should be done during the day. I also have the app set up to send me alerts (for example 15 minutes before lunch alert me to take my pre-lunch supplements). 

By doing this, I have found I'm starting great, and starting with lunch, things go downhill. While my breakfast and snacks are on target, my lunch and dinner meals are not. This is not the end of the world, this is just helping me ID what the issues are so I can come up with a new game plan.

One thing I'm trying is instead of cutting things out, just eat less of them. For example, on lunch I would eat two skinless chicken thighs and a bag of broccoli. Now I meat eat one thigh. If I eat a salad, no more cheese, and maybe one hard boiled egg instead of two. 

I've been traveling and speaking. This keeps me beyond busy, and I just got home from Florida (it takes a week to get caught up) and now I'm getting ready to go to San Diego where I will be speaking at Social Media Marketing world. So I'm going to try to get some episodes in. Please don't give up on me, things will get better in March. I plan on really buckle down, and get this weight back off.

Figure Out What Is Wrong and Then Make Changes

The Habitshare app for me made it easy to throughout the day check in on my goals. Then looking back at the week see exactly what is going wrong and try to come up with a game plan to fix it. 

Give THE IDEA a shot if you're not a fan of apps. Write down the tasks you need to do every day to help you with your weight loss goals. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF if you didn't do it, don't mark that you did. By behind honest, you can see what is working and what is not.