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May 23, 2017

Keep Your Progress in Front Of You

Sometimes when we think about how far we need to go, it can be overwhelming. Here are some visual tools that you can use to keep you motivated

Two Jars: One marked pounds to go, and the other marked pounds destroyed

Clothes Pins and String - the Same concept with one pin representing a pound. Two strings labeled pounds to go and pounds destroyed.

Monthly Calendar: At the end of each month, write down how much weight you lose.

Tip Jar: You can tip yourself money for things you do correctly or milestones such as:
$10 for every pound lost
$1 for every workout that had you feeling both so good, and so tired (you know what I'm talking about)
.50 for trying a healthy recipe
$1 for preparing food in advance
$1 for a new activity or workout
$2 for healthy choices when out with friends
.5o for bringing a workout friend with you
.50 for working out when you really didn't' want to or the weather was bad, etc.


By writing down your thoughts it can release stress, and you can see where you started, and how far you've come and often spot things that might've trigger negative activity. I love

Nutrionix Lets You Track Food Fast, and Even With Voice Command

How would you like to tell Alex what you had for breakfast and have her log your food. The way you do this is through Nutritionix. The app is free and hosts a HUGE database of foods restaurants, and you can even add your own food (or combinations of food if you eat certain foods together). The app alone makes it super easy to enter the food you are eating and give you a total of the calories, and a glimpse into the nutrition. You can put in your goal for calories and it turns red or green depending on your current stats.

When you enable the Nutritionix skill, I can simply say,

Alexa, tell food tracker to log a glass of milk and she will add it to your Nutritionix. I tried it and sure enough, there was my glass of milk in my account. I haven't tested it much since then as I just found it, but this could make tracking your food intake super easy. 

If you just want to use it for advice, you can ask, "Ask food tracker how many calories are in 2 eggs and 3 slices of bacon" or  "Ask food tracker How many carbs are in a 3 oz of pizza"

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