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Nov 25, 2018

So the Friday after Thanksgiving I was up 2 lbs. Today I'm down 1.5 lbs and I expect to be back on track tomorrow when I step on the scale. Here are some things to consider when coming off Thanksgiving.

1. Congratulations You're An American

We plan for Thanksgiving for about two weeks. People spend a lot of money on travel. It's a big deal. There are family traditions involved. For me, my family tried something new this year and we had Crackle Barrel cook our food and just picked it up, took it home and are it. It was delicious. No long lines shopping, the food was great. No cleanup. We also bought some pies from a local orchard and the apple pie was from heaven. My brother made some sort of no sugar pumpkin pie that was good as well (with Cool whip which we've stated before is not really food. We're not sure what it is, but healthy it is not). 

2. That Was Yesterday This is Today

When I woke on Friday, I wasn't stressed. I knew the scale was going to go the wrong way. I also knew with a bit of discipline, and determination, the weight I put on was not going to stay long. In general, I ended up eating two large meals on Thanksgiving by the time you track all the leftovers. I got back on the horse, and decided to go back to my intermittent fasting (currently going 16 hours from dinner to breakfast) and had a light breakfast. I made sure to drink plenty of water thanks to my Ulla Hydration Reminder, and as it is now cold outside I got on my exercise bike in my apartment. 

As for leftovers? Portion control. Don't cheat and walk around in sweatpants as you might have the day off. This is the day you get back on track. Don't over think it. Just do the stuff you know you should be doing. 

3. Don't Be Surprised

In the same way, I was not surprised my weight went up when I had over 2000 calories (even skipping breakfast), I was not surprised when the scale went back down. Doing the wrong things makes our weight go up. Doing the right things makes it go down. 

4. Only You Control Your Attitude

When you see that number reach for the sky on Friday, don't freak out. We knew this was coming. Maybe it went up a bit more than we thought, but if you really think about all the food you put into your mouth. Are you really surprised? You've lost weight in the past. It is time to get focused and do the right thing. Stop with the guilt

5. Avoid Making it Hard For Your Willpower

There are some traditions that don't need to be honored. One of the hardest things to avoid during the holidays is cookies. Here is how. 

Don't make them. Don't buy the ingredients. Don't buy the premade ones. Don't let the enemy into your house. TRUST ME, someone will give you a cookie. They will be at the breakroom at work, at a party you attend. I would be very surprised if you made it to Christmas without having a cookie. By keeping them out of your house, you avoid the whole, "One leads to two leads to oh my God did I eat all the cookies?!" scenarios. 

6. Start a New Tradition

We all want to go back to those days when we were kids. We want our kids to have those same experiences. Do we? Do want our kids to go through the same things we are going through today? Because when you feed the same mountains of sugar over the holidays, you are putting them on the path to follow in your footsteps. 

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