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May 10, 2019

We Don't Need No Uber!

I took my car in for a quick brake job and instead of taking and Uber or Calling a Friend I walked back home, and later back to get my car. This was repeated twice resulting in me walking almost 19 thousand steps in one day. Why? Cause it was going to take 20 minutes for Uber to come get me (As I wasn't near a city).

Better Me App Uses Humiliation

The Better Me App is available on Apple and Android

BetterMe is an app for people who will try anything to better themselves. The app uses public humiliation to help keep your appointments, to achieve your goals, and to jump out of bed in the mornings. Features include an alarm clock, goal tracking, and GPS check-ins system to keep your recurring appointments. If you fail, each of these features will humiliate you by posting a message on your Facebook wall. GPS Check-ins: First input the address and time of your gym, class, or work schedule. Then the app will use GPS to check if you arrived at your destination on time. If not, then you will be shamed on Facebook! Goals: Goals are announced on Facebook. It asks your friends to hold you accountable. The app will later ask if you have achieved your goal and if not then you will be shamed on Facebook. Alarm: Snooze this alarm clock and receiving a shaming immediately. How Fast Do I Normal Walk

I installed the Walkmeter app to find out. This app is free, but they sure make the free version annoying. Lots of ads. I mean TONS. So I used it enough to figure out I walk about 3.1 miles an hour if I'm walking around the neighborhood. Why did I want to know this? Because (for me) that is the slowest I should walk on a treadmill. I now know that 4.0 miles an hour is a way to "Push" me a little. It is available on Apple or Android

Stretching 101

  • Increased flexibility and joint range of motion
  • Improved circulation
  • Better posture
  • Stress relief
  • Enhanced coordination

How to Get Into Stretching?

Warm up first ( walking, pumping arm, low intensity)

Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds

Don't Bounce:

Focus on a Pain-Free Stretch (pain means you've gone too far)

Relax and breathe

Stretch both Sides

If you are working out, stretch before and after

Need examples?

Morning Stretches

Lower Back

BiOptimizers Probiotics Eat a Steak

I've talked about Probiotics in the past, and I hear about the P3-OM strand and how it really does what a Probiotic is supposed to do (help with digestion). They have supplements to protect yourself from Gluten, terminate Acid Reflux, eliminate Constipation, and get rid of Amino Acids (along with Probiotics) Check it out at

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