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iFit Needs to Get Organized

Dec 31, 2019

You watch the Peleton commercials and you can exercise anywhere. I tried this with my iFit subscription that I got with my bike. They just need to get it in gear.

Its weird the exercise routines for the bike are great and modern. The exercises I can add to my calendar are old looking, and I can't get them to play through their app on my iPad (cause some of us don't workout in our office with the computer).

Then some of the best exercises you can see people leaving comments, "Great session please add to library" which means you have to search for it on the bike to add it to your calendar.

You can always eventually end up getting what you need, but its clunky, outdated, and while its cheaper (much cheaper) then Peleton's monthly subscription, if you make it so hard to use - the people won't.