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Jun 2, 2020

Today I talk about two books. One I loved, and one I want to take back. I also went back to some apps I use to use, and I forgot how much I like them. 

Streaks App 

Happy Scale

In a weird "double negative" kind of goal I set one negative goal of "Don't Eat Bad Food" and when I start the day it's checked. Hence, I have to purposely choose to eat bad food. 

I like Happy Scale (ios only) as it breaks your overall goal into segments and then shows your progress on each segment. 

Weigh In 

228. I'm at the same weight as I was on the last episode. 

Kevin Hart The Decision

I first got the book, The Fitness Mindset and while it talks about muscles, fat burning, exercise, supplements, it doesn't seem to talk about the fitness mindset. I've got about an hour left and this guy has talked about everything but the thing I bought the book for. 

Then I found Kevin Hart's book The Decision. It's what would happen if Tony Robbins, the Secret, and Kevin Hart had a baby. It's inspirational, uplifting and funny. 

You feel like Kevin is sitting across the table from you giving you a pep talk. For me, it helped this week. There were times when I wanted a Wendy's Frosty or Dairy Queen, and I "cowboy duped" and just hunkered down and got focused. 

I like his appendix which each chapter is a pep talk for specific sections. 

If you are new to Audible you can get the book for free by clicking here.

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