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Feb 18, 2020

Today I weight in a 220.6 - down 4.2 lbs

Losing Weight on the Road

A quick way to burn some calories is to take the stairs on any breaks. I did this two to three times a day and according to my Apple watch, my heart rate was in the "exercise zone" without getting covered in sweat.

I found that because I stayed busy, I barely ate (typically a large salad at night). If I can do this on the road, I should be able to do this at home. 

Music Makes Exercise Fun

Exercise and fun are two words that don't typically go together, but for me, I made a playlist in Spotify and it has songs that "Pump me up." The "fun" is "pushing" during the chorus and "regular exercise" during the verse. This gets my heart rate up and keeps it there. 

When you win the super bowl you are covered in confetti. I now consider sweat my confetti when I exercise and smile when I start to feel it run down my back. 

A Great Book For Tough Love

A no-holds-barred, tough-love guide to dealing with your emotional issues and changing your mindset in order to finally lose weight, from the creator of weight-loss reality TV, including The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss.

I got this book via Audible, but it's also available in Amazon for the kindle, and paperback.

A Ring with a TON of Power

Your new secret weapon for personal improvement. It's a ring that measures everything an Apple Watch or Fitbit might measure AND THEN SOME. 

A friend of mine had one and was telling me the true power is it gives you a rating on how your body is. This helps you avoid over-exercising and being too sore (or in my case getting sick). 

They are $300 at

Biggest Loser is Back

The biggest loser is back. I have a Facebook group to talk about the show HERE. The thing I noticed this week is the team that lost seem to have the worse attitude. One guy kept saying "It's impossible." The trainer corrected him and said "Not impossible - I'm Possible." 

Check out my Biggest Loser Fan Cast

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