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Mar 17, 2014

Today I talk about use of Soak Fitness, and some habits you may be doing that may seem smart or healthy but research is saying its not.

Soak Fitness Spray Reviewed

soak-fitness-sprayI know I need to life weights. I know that leads to discomfort many times (we all know to start slow, but most of us don't). So how do I make these awful feeling go away? How to I get my muscles to loosen up? Wen I searched the web I found a product that is dedicated to one thing: get you and your muscles to relax and heal. That product is called Soak Fitness. I bought the spray bottle (as I'm not one for using the bath tub except for showers). I went to the gym, and lifted lots of weights with my legs. The next day, I had achieved my goal of having sore muscles. When I went to bed, I sprayed one leg with Soak Fitness, and the other I did nothing. The next day, the leg I sprayed had less pain then the one that I didn't spray.

It Catches You Off Guardsoak-fitness

The one thing I was not expecting was the aroma of Soak Fitness. It has Peppermint in it, and the smell will clear your sinuses immediately. This makes it easy to breathe, which leads to relaxation. It also has oils that feel cool when you spray it. In essence you go from going "ow my legs hurt," to "what is that feeling on my leg?" you are switching one sensation for another. The smell seems to wear off soon (much like Ben Gay, or Icy Hot).

Does Soak Fitness Work?

For me I noticed less pain in the leg I sprayed then the one that didn't receive treatment. I don't think this is a cure all, but for days when we over do it I can see where this would help you reduce your pain.

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