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Dec 10, 2019

Weigh In

First things, I'm down .3 lbs. Not a huge win, but not a loss.
Currently, the Noom app is giving me Green, Yellow and Red foods.
The Most Addictive Foods

Interesting article on the most addictive foods (hint its not broccoli)

Eat Yourself Sexy 
I found an interesting show called Eat Yourself Sexy on Amazon Prime, and while the show has some "meh" reality TV isms, I liked that you can spot what OTHER PEOPLE are doing wrong. Watch an episode or two and then go into your kitchen and pretend you're on the show.
I also thought it was interesting that in 8 weeks women were losing 2 dress sizes and those that exercised (in addition to changing their diet) lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks (amazing what a little focus can do).

Rolling Your Muscles?
I bought a Doeplex Muscle Roller Massage Stick and I'm not sure it really does anything. I tested by just rolling my right leg, and so far don't feel any large difference.
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