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Oct 5, 2016

Today I want us to look at our feelings in two different places.

  1. While We Are Eating
  2. After We Eat

We see something and we think it would make us feel sooooo gooood if we could just eat that. And you know what? It's true. Some food today is engineered to release the same kind of effect as heroin on the brain. So when that euphoria hits us, its not something to take lightly. We are enjoying the food. Many times because we deprived ourselves we then consume whatever it is quickly as we just take bite after bite after bite.

So we had 4 minutes of feel "10" on a 1 to ten scale

Then what do you feel? You're not stupid. What you ate is not going to help you lose weight. You know those calories are going to take some serious work to undo. We know a small fry takes 30+ minutes to "Walk off" on a treadmill. We know that in the battle of food vs. exercise food wins every time. We know we are not stupid. Because we are not stupid, we know we did something that if we continue will set us up for failure. This feeling lasts longer than 10 minutes,

If we look at our feelings after we eat, that may be harder to do. Why?

Because we had to pass up that feeling of a "10" for four minutes. We bypass the Reese cups at the check out. It's uncomfortable waiting in line with those bright orange wrappers saying EAT ME, I'M ON SALE.

But when you bypass the quick fix, you are buying into the LONG TERM fix. That LONG TERM fix comes with great feelings that last so much longer than those few bites of whatever it was you were craving. Those long term effects include more confidence to do it again.

It's not easy. It's uncomfortable, but it's worth it. Keep in your mind how you will feel in the long run, and make the right choice.

New Fitbit Features.

I purchased a fitbit earlier this year.  I purchased a fitbit blaze. Every now and then I will get an update to the device. The latest update now lets you know at 10 minutes to the hour how many steps you need to hit 250 steps for the hour. I have mine set to remind me from 8-5 pm. I like this new feature as it reminds me most of the day that I am focused on losing weight, and to get up and move. For me to get 250 steps I have to walk for about three minutes. In that three minutes I see my heart rate go up, and afterwards it then has to go back to normal. This won't be a huge amount of calories, but it is more than if I sit on my butt all day. 

You don't need a fitbit to do this. Most of us have a smart phone. You can set an alarm to go off every 50 minutes to remind you to get up and move. 

Also mentioned in this episode. Things we do at the gym but don't admit

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