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Aug 14, 2017

Keeping Your Self on Track - Revisiting Beeminder

I was using the free trial of Beeminder. I use a wi-things scale, and I love that when I wake up and weigh in I can see if I'm on track to meet my goals (via wi-fi it logs my weight).

So I had a friend of mine who had a death in the family. As always when there is an event in people's lives we meet together with food. So I helped my friend for about a week and sure enough skidded right off the track. Using Beeminder, I was able (in fact I was notified) that I was off track. If had pledged any money (for an incentive, I would lose the money). While I hate their graph (it's got WAY To much information, I do like that I can see if I'm on track to meet my goal and adjust accordingly.

This article explains how it work more in depth


Avoiding the Rip Tide

I was reading the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt (technically I was listening to it via Audible) and he shared the story about a surfer who wasn't paying attention and got sucked into a rip tide which takes you out to sea (this can be very dangerous with 60-100 people dying a year from rip tides).

The point is the person wasn't paying attention. Then when you figured out you have a problem, you try to take the shorter route in (which unfortunately can send you against the tide which is a battle you will lose). The solution is to swim across the tide, until you are out of it, then steer toward the shore.

I have two apps that give me grades beeminder and nutritionix both give me clear symbols that let me know when I'm headed in the wrong direction. When I see my weight going in the wrong direction, I can look back at the days when I lose weight, look at the food entries around those days and repeat them.

If we aren't paying attention, we can get caught in many of Life's Rip Tides and be taken into the sea of obesity.

Battle of the Green Goo: Organifi vis Zuma Juice Vs Purley Inspired

Organifi (See label)
$70/30 servings = $2.33 a glass ($60 if you subscribe)

Zuma Juice (See Label)
$60/30 = $2.00 a glass

Organic Greens (See label)
$14.99/20 =$0.75 a glass

The Zuma juice was the only one that had a bad after taste (the first taste wasn't bad, but wait a minute). I like the taste of Organic Greens (a bit like tea), but it doesn't mix as well as Organfi (which almost had no taste). Both Organic Greens and Organifi could be used in a smoothie of some sort (or solo) as there is almost no taste

Organifi has Ashwagandha (see article) which seems to have a ton of benefits in regards to energy, stress relief, focus, and more.

My First Thrive Market Purchase

Thrive Market has been nice enough to give me access to their store. I made my purchase of Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder

Their website says their prices are cheaper and they are. The price of this product on the Goal of Life website is $38. The same product on Thrive market is $5 cheaper

Currently, if you go to you get 25% off their first purchase + free shipping + free 30 d30-day trial (so you could get the $33.59 product for $25.20 )