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Jul 11, 2016

I was talking with some friends this weekend when I went to a podcasting event in Chicago. Many of them had not seen me in a year and they noticed I was down 30 lbs. So in looking at pictures on my phone I found some pictures of me from last year. I've lost a few chins. Here are my thoughts looking at the before picture:

  1. WOW - This stuff works. So the sacrifice was worth it.
  2. BE CAREFUL - Cause you think you can fall back into old habits and have plenty of leeway. But you can do a lot of damage in a little bit of time.
  3. USE IT- This can be great motivation to keep you focused. A reminder of where you came from, and to never forget you could easily end up right back there if you don't stay focused.

I Got a Fitbit Blaze

I just picked up a Fitbit Blaze as a reward for losing 30 lbs. I previously had a Fitbit One. I wanted something to wear. I wanted something that tracked my heart rate. Here are some things I've done that I like. I'm back into cycling. So I can connect the blaze to my smartphone GPS and it tracks my speed, distance, (along with my heart rate) and actually draws a map to show where I went. It's pretty cool. I can say when they say the battery last 5 days, that is does. When I went to Chicago I forgot to bring my charger, and it lasted a full 5 days. I love seeing my heart rate. In general, I'm not working as hard as I think I am so I'm bumping things up a notch. I love wearing it at night so it tracks my sleep. I could do this with the Fitbit One, but this just makes it easier. I charge it when I take a shower. It charges super fast so I'm never worrying about battery life. I get notifications / text messages on my phone. This is handy when my phone is right next to me. I can also see who is calling. The prices from $199 to $249 When you buy from you get a 45 day guarantee, free shipping on items over $50, and a 1 year limited warranty.