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Apr 22, 2010

I got an email from a new listener named Jason.  Here is his email: Hey Dave, just started listening to the logical weight loss podcast. Loving it! I just started my weightloss journey about 2 1/2 months ago. So far I'm down 35 lbs on my way to 80 lbs goal. I wanted to get [...]

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Apr 15, 2010

You are not going to be perfect in your journey to weight loss and fitness. I did some stupid things this week. I was gone for a week as I traveled to Oklahoma City, OK for business. I started off good. I went to the grocery store and purchases yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, etc for snacks [...]

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Apr 8, 2010

Note: When I originally posted this article I stated (incorrectly) that the bodybugg contained a heart rate monitor. It does not (it doesn't need it) as you will find out as you read. I apologize for any confusion (and vow to quit posting past my bed time). Ever since I started this podcast, people have [...]


Apr 2, 2010

Join the forum discussion on this post - (1) PostsSir Issac Newton had what is known as the Law of Motion An object that is at rest will stay at rest until an unbalanced force acts upon it. Living in Ohio, I’ve pushed many a car out of a snow drift. You get a few [...]

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