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Jan 27, 2014

I don’t do too many interviews but Bryan Ganey has an amazing story. He found himself around 600 lbs in a hospital bed with the doctors telling him to have weight loss surgery. Over and over he heard it was “impossible” to lose the weight on his own. Bryan knew the side effects of the […]

Jan 19, 2014

Today I was reading an article about growing churches, and one things that growing churches have in common is they share a vision, they plan ahead, and then they execute.  So when I came across an article on Shine (yahoo) that stated how to lose weight during the week it had insights into (you guessed […]

Jan 11, 2014

Now through March 31, 2014 you can get 50% off the Logical Losers Accountability Club by using the coupon code save50 when you sign up. Would You Walk for 3.5 Miles For Those Fries? If McDonald’s fries are 390 calories, using this calorie burning calculator I would have to walk close to 5 miles to […]

Jan 6, 2014

Death By Spaghetti This podcast was recorded on January 1 2014. My gym wasn’t open and here in Cleveland we got a bunch of snow over night. I decided to walk to my office and take you with me. I tell you the story of how I planned to eat a large plate of spaghetti. […]