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Jun 14, 2014

Today I talk about some reviews we've received in iTunes. Sometimes its hard to hear negative things about you, but you need to stop and ask if there is any validity to comments. In some cases, there are. Here is the one that really got me. It was from Ellen.   Shakeology by EllenHenderson from USA on February 8, 2014 

I like...

Jun 8, 2014

If you want to lose weight you need to make your own food, and measure everything you eat. You eyes deceive you. One trick you can do is eat on smaller plates. It sounds silly, but you eyes think its a lot of food when its not as much.

Why is it that we won't settle for some things, but we lay back and let people...

Jun 1, 2014

Today I'm still sharing from the book IMPOSSIBLE: How I Lost Nearly 400 Pounds Without Surgery and I'm finding it amazing. He talks about forcefeeders, and on Memorial Day I was faced with quite a few. Now, let me stop right there. Nobody put a gun to my head. My response is my responsibility. But I didn't want to...