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Sep 16, 2011

I walking by my elementary school that I attended 40 years ago. It looks like a war zone. They've moved the kids to a new school and there are plans to turn it into a community center. There used to be giant trees. There was a new playground, and its just a giant mess. All the windows are gone, and all thats left is a dumpster and mounds of dirt. What used to say "Otis C. Hatton School" now only reads "    oo ". If you were to just look at this building today you would go "Holy Cow what happened? = Something hit this thing!" We often look in the mirror and go "Holy Cow What Happened?"

Well I'm sure someone has a blueprint and a plan to turn this war zone into a great community center. If you look in the mirror and go "Oh my God, What Happened?" Its time to get a blule print and a plan. The easy to remember is to eat less and exercise more.

Plans mean you have to sit back and figure out what the hurdles will be, and how you will over come them. I'm sure the construction guys have benchmarks to knwo if they are ahead of schedule or not. They track their progress, they have milestones. You can do the same thing, but you need to be honest and track what you are (and more importantly) are not doing. For me tracking my food is crucial. When I don't, my weight goes up. I keep switching programs. Right now I'm using Lose it! which works on their website, an iPhone or an Android phone. There are all sorts of programs (even paper and pencil) in our resource section.

For tracking my activity I use a Fit bit. This thing smacks me in the face every day with a graph of time when I was sitting. OOFAH! I can't argue with it. Here again, I need to put it on as soon as I get up, and leave it on to be accurate. I had a body bug. I loved it. But the fit bit is simpler, (and doesn't require $10 a month). I still have the body bug and may use it in the future.

Get A Team - Find an Accountability


People who had a support group were 42% more likely to be successful than those people who had no support.

Birds of a feather flock together, and if you hang out with people with bad habits you are 57% more likely to follow them into the bad habits. When I was college, I would go out and drink with my buddies. I did this every Tuesday and Thursday. I fellt it was what I was "supposed" to do as a 20 something year old college student. After three months, I just thought if Jesus walked in right now he would be disappointed. So I quit going. My firends kept going, and we were not as close as we used to be (we are still friends 20 years later). I lived when I did that, and I found healthier things to do. I survivedwithout those friends.

One of the things I really like about the Lose it! application is that (on the wbesite) they have a "motivators" section where you can set it up to email your accountability partner to receive reports every day, or every week. This means you have to enter in every calorie you eat. It doesn't do any good to enter your 1500 calories into the software then eat 2500 calories.

If birds of a feather flock together find the fit people at work, school, church, and ask them how they stay in shape. Maybe they are doing activities you can participate in as well. Maybe they will mentor you. Maybe, just maybe you'll get a new friend.

Someone said I should start a serivce where I could be your accoutability coach. We could have weekly meetings online. I like this idea. I can't do it for free. What would you pay for a weekly accountability partner? Leave a comment below or email me at dave "at" logicalloss "dot" com I like the idea.