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Feb 13, 2017

Thanks to Nicole for the lovely donation to keep the lights on. We are starting a new weight loss challenge, join today at


You mentioned how “instant oatmeal” is not the same as it was ten years ago. I like oatmeal, and eat it most weekdays. I make it in a small “Crock Pot” that is intended for things like dip, fondue, etc. I think it’s called the “Little Dipper” ($14.95)– capacity of 16 oz. I use McCann’s Steel Cut Oats, put in a 1/4 cup, and then add 10 oz of water. Plug it in when I go to bed, and in the morning it is perfectly done. Stir, add a little milk, or whatever you prefer as “milk” and you are ready! I also drink OJ in the morning, but I “cut it” 50/50 with non-sodium seltzer. BTW, the McCann’s comes in a can and retails for about 5.99 for 20 servings, so it’s economical too. -Carol

I've been enjoying the podcast for quite some time now. Thanks for keeping at it!  And congratulations on your 30lb loss last year. That's awesome!

Question for you - I know that you have mentioned some weight loss challenge apps in the past. Some co-workers want to do a weight loss challenge but they want to raise money for a charity that we support. Do you have any recommendations on an app that they could use to do that?
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks! Longtime fan,
Nikki in SoCal

Weight Loss Challenges - Websites and Resources

I haven't talked about this in a while, and I went and look at and some of the resources of the past have gone away (well, that's the internet, and it's also hard to stay in business when you charge 0.00) Here are a couple that seem up to date My Weight Loss Challenge Spreadsheet. If you just need a spreadsheet where all the math is done for you, here it is.

Diet Bet is one of the top sites. It allows you to have teams, and they have kickstarters (4% weight loss), Challenges (for most % of body weight), and they have bets for those who want to maintain. Check it out at


Healthwage has got a lot of press coverage that just pays you to lose weight. You put in how much you want to lose, how long you want to lost it, and it calculates a prize. For me I told it I wanted to lose 15 pounds of 6 months. It said I would need to lose 20 and I would earn $133 (I would have put in 120 which is 11% return). I am at a weight that I don't think I could get that low. (I lost 30 lbs last year).

Meltodwn Challenge

I really liked this one, and started  challenge. IT STARTS TODAY so get in on this now! This has an app, and you can easily setup a group, or if you want have it go to charity, or have some of it go to the person running it (which we did in my case to pay for it).

Stickk is an interesting twist meant for ANY resolution. You pick a referee to keep you accountable. You can earn money, or motivate yourself by having your money go to something you hate. Check it out at

Thintopia and Fatbet

Both of these sites are still around. They help people login and track their weight and you see the progress. With Dietbet, Healthwage, and Stickk, there is some sort of anti-cheat involved (videos, pictures, etc) These two sites (both free) operate on the honor system. Fatbet is at and Thintopia is

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