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Aug 3, 2014

Today I'm out with my portable recorder and taking you along as I walk to find some food. I'm still reading the book Impossible and the last chapter he asked, "What would you do if you were healthy?" Maybe its something like:

Sit in any chair,

Shop in the "normal" section

Smile standing in front of a mirror naked

Not see a gut when you take off your shirt. 

Not feel your back fat flopping when running

Feel more energetic.

Make a list of everything you would do. Then stop and close your eyes and try to FEEL what they would be like. Remember that feeling. You need this to help you push through when you're not having a good day. 

Ben Franklin Was Right

Think about it. If you say up at night what do you do? 

Watch TV - Nothing else is open

Eat Fast Food - nothing else is open

See lots of food commercials - advertisers aren't dumb

So start going to be earlier. There is a reason this slogan has been around so long (Early to be and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise).