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Dec 27, 2016

We've spoken in the past how sitting down too long is just not a great habit to get into. However, when we've look ed at Standing Desk they are rather expensive with prices starting around $500 and go up from there. In looking back at these, I now am seeing full desks with cranks Not as cool as the electric ones, but also only $300) This week I was visiting friends in Florida, and he had an adjust desk that sat on top of his regular desk. It was awesome, and it goes for $250. When I saw my first one over two years ago, it was over $1000 so as predicted the prices are coming down.

Water Bottles are Getting Smarter

A while ago I tried a Hyrdocoach Water bottle. It measured how much water you drank in a 24 hour period. It was cool, but the mechanism to measure the water was in the straw which made sucking through it kind of tough. It retails for around $26 H20Pal The H20Pal is more expensive, but also smarter. There is no fancy straw now. The device fits on the bottom of a water bottle (included) and measures how much water you drink based on the weight of the bottle and sends that information to an app that can remind you to drink more water. It even works with the Amazon Echo and Dot  The water also syncs with your Fitbit app. It also works with the Apple watch. Currently it does not work on Android, but they are working on an App. Hydrate Spark HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle that syncs with a corresponding mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. HidrateSpark helps you keep track of water intake and improve hydration habits. Embedded with LED lights, the bottle gives off an ambient glow to remind you to never forget to drink your water again. The HidrateSpark app calculates your recommended daily amount based on your gender, age, weight, and height. The app also syncs to your favorite wearables and fitness apps to adjust your water goals to fit your activity level. Lastly, it takes into consideration your location to adjust your daily water goal based on your surroundings such as the temperature, humidity, and elevation. Check it out at $59. The things I like about this one is:

  1. Fits in a stand cupholder in your car
  2. Has both an Ios and Android app (H2OPal is iOs only)
  3. Less Expensive
  4. More colors to choose from

Moikit Cuptime 2 This is another bottle with a sensor on the bottom to measure the weight of your beverage. it also tells you the temperature of the beverage. This one is rechargable (where the Spark, and Pal use watch batteries that last a few months, and can be changed to keep on going). This comes with a charging station (great for being "the work cup"). It has a display on the cup as well as an app and it also syncs with Fitbit. The Cuptime 2 goes for around $80 Sippo  Sippo is "more of the same" with both and android and iOs app. Their app has more of a social feel where you can share with friends and family and compete. Sippo goes for $69

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