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Mar 28, 2016

Today I talk about looking at someone who is doing what you want, and do what they do. Fpr example when I was a kid I didn't have the weight issues I do now. Why? because I rode my bike in the morning, afternoon, and evening. So now that the weather is fine, I want to get on my bike to help me lose my last 10 lbs. Si get outside. The Winter is over, and soon you will be yearning for those warm days - WELL THEY ARE HERE. Get out there and enjoy them
Today I also talk about a great article by a women who lost 85 lbs.

Mentioned in this Article:

Plant Nanny - Water Reminder with Cute Plants - Fourdesire  (voted best app of 2013)

Plant Nanny combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant keeps you company every day by living in your phone.

Fitbit fitness tracker. Fitbit makes activity tracking easy and automatic.