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Dec 10, 2018

For me, the holidays are over (due to my brother going out of town for the holidays. This means yesterday I had the ham, the green beans, and yes, there were cookies. 

With no surprise, when I stepped on the scale it went the wrong way. So I did a deep dive into my data in (I've used Loseit! in the past and many others, they all do the same thing, I liked myfitnesspal, but use whatever works for you). In looking at the data I could CLEARLY see that when:


  • I eat 2100 calories (or less) in a day
  • Exercises (in any fashion) for an hour
  • Drink between 64-80 oz of water
  • Get seven hours of sleep

I lose weight. It is that simple. It's just not that easy.

So How to Restart?

Let's look at walking. You used to walk, and then you stopped. How would you start again? By taking that first step. 

So for me, that means starting the day on my exercise bike, drinking 20 oz of water, getting in the shower and feeling like I was headed in the right direction. 

Other things I might do in the future is listening to affirmations, and use something like the 5-minute journal,  or some sort of gratitude practice (I also talk to God on a regular basis, but you do what do you). 

You don't have to have letters in the sky, a band playing, a drum roll, you just start. You decide that you're not giving up. 

It May Not Be Pretty or Prefect

When you restart, it may not be pretty or perfect, but it doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to be (in any form). You can do this. 

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