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Nov 19, 2018

My old Fitbit blaze died after the 2.5 years, and after some research, I decided to replace my blaze with the new Fitbit Charge 3. Here are some of the features I like:

The battery is supposed to last 7 days (we'll see)

Fitbit Charge 3 helps you find moments of calm throughout your day with personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

For more information see

Get Paid To Do Healthy Things on the Achievement App

A listener turn me on to the Achievement App

Back from another time of traveling. I've been playing with a few toys. is an app that pays you for (more or less) letting them stalk you. You can connect your fitbit, myfitnesspal, etc.

One of the apps you can connect is interesting "breathe" see (both Apple and Android) I might use this in the future for those time when I'm stress eating

Fitbit Charge 3 helps you find moments of calm throughout your day with personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

About Achievement App

Achievement is a free service used by over 1.5 million members. You’ll be able to see all your health apps in one place and earn points for activities you already do! We’ve awarded over 100 million activities to date.

So far they’ve paid out over $500,000 to our members and there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Earn $10 for every 10,000 points. Rewards are paid out within 3-7 business days, and Achievers can redeem cash directly into their PayPal account or bank account of choice.

Their mission is to provide a positive, insightful, and rewarding experience that supports everyone in achieving their personal health goals.

I like that they are SUPER transparent. They let you know that some of the polls, articles, etc that you are reading and participating in, is used for research. You are 100% in control of how much is shared with their team

You can even donate the money you earn to charity (so you get healthy while helping someone in need)

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Your Weight Loss Strategy Ranked By Willpower


I read an article on MyFitnesspal and saw this article.

We've spoken about Willpower in the past and how you can run out it if you try to rely on it oo heavily.

See episodes Willpower and consistency and Operating Fear or Love

Write a list of ALL the things you can do to lose weight (both on the food side and the activity side)

Then next to each item, write down how much willpower will be needed to do this item.

Choose one item for food, and another item for activity that will "cost" the least amount of Willpower.

As you need action and willpower, choosing items that require less willpower will enable you to take consistent steps, which will boost your confidence.

The boost in confidence will boost your willpower.