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Jan 25, 2015

In the past I had a juiceman juicer and I loved making Apple Carrot juice, but it was an absolute PAIN to clean. I used it a few times, but the pain of cleaning out weighed the joy of the juice. recently I kept hearing about Ninja Pro blender to making smoothies. I went and purchased one and it works great. I did try...

Jan 11, 2015

For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guidelines:

  • Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity — such as brisk walking, swimming or mowing the lawn — or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity — such as running or...

Jan 2, 2015

This Year I Am AwesomeWe have a long road ahead. We need to go into this with both eyes open. One of the ways we will dodge failure is by setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

Let’s look at those a little more specifically. A poor goal is “I want to lose weight.” Then you lose a...