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Jun 16, 2017

I just watched That Sugar Film on Amazon. (prime for free, but you can rent it), and I was amazed. In it, the filmmaker went on a diet that included 40 teaspoons of sugar per day (this is what people eating "healthy" diets get). Here are some fun stats.

He gained 18 lbs

HIs developed "Fatty Liver Disease"

He added 4 inches of visceral fat around his waste

Meanwhile, he was eating the SAME AMOUNT OF CALORIES then before he started experimenting. So it's NOT just calories in -calories out. It's what is making up your calories.

Also, sugar sends your brain on a high followed by a crash. So we will our kids full of cereal and fruit juice and send them off the school and wonder why they can't concentrate.

Check it out on Amazon 

You can get sugar free recipes at their website (if you're in Australia, there is also an app for your phone).

If you want to know how many teaspoons of sugar are in something, divide the number of grams by 4. So if something has 16 grams of sugar, that is four teaspoons.

It was an eye-opening movie, done in an educational and entertaining way.

Almost Caught My Kitchen on Fire

I spoke about how I bought an Air Fryer on a previous episode and I LOVED it. The last few times it started to smoke a bit. I always clean the part that you cook in and wipe down the bottom on the inside. Well, after setting off the smoke alarms in my apartment, I busted out the manual and I see where I need to wipe down the whole thing on the inside (which means you have to let it cool down, which means its kind of a pain in the butt). So if you get one, keep it clean. 

This is So Dumb, and Yet so Cool - A Baby Ice Machine

 know you can buy 2 ice cube trays for $6 on Amazon. So when you start talking about spending $90-$159 for a baby refrigerator that just makes ice, that is a lot of ice cube trays. I bought mine at Walmart and I'm not sure why (cause breaking ice out of trays was not that tough) but I love it. I fill it up with water in the morning and I have cubes the rest of the day. I like my water cold, so this has been great.  

But there was a problem

My water bottle was a sweaty mess. My cork coaster was soaked through. Solution? a cup within a cup. You can get a set of Six for $22. This is awesome. The water stays super cold, and I don't have a single drop of sweat on the outside of my cup. So I don't have to worry about soaking my coaster (I still use one just in case). 

The end result is I'm drinking a ton of super cold water on some super hot summer days here in Ohio. 

Check out the Igloo Portable Ice Macker

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