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Sep 14, 2016

I was in Philadelphia, and everyone said, OH YOU HAVE TO GET A CHEESE STEAK. It is what they are known for, and a Philly cheese steak is like no other. For most of my time there I followed my diet, but on Sunday I had a car and that meant options. I kept wondering, "If I leave without eating an authentic Phlly Cheese Steak, I might be missing something." So I called a friend who lives their, and he told me the best place to go. Here is what I got.

  1. A Bun
  2. Some chopped steak
  3. Some cheese
  4. Some grease

It was good, but it tasted just like the one I could make in my kitchen. There was nothing that made me go "OH WOW." When I'm in Chicago and I get a pizza from Geordono's pizza. That is something I can't get in Akron, Ohio. But this sandwich? Was nothing that made me want to tell my friends and when I got home, as expected, the scale had gone up. A few days of staying on path and the weight is coming off. 

But in the end, the fear of missing out was misleading. 

How to Fight Fair, and Avoid Stress in Your Relationships

Why are we talking relationships on a weight loss show? Cause MANY of us are emotionally triggered and nothing triggers emotions like relationships. There was a great article with some tips

Sit on the floor (or chairs) with your spouse face to face.

Be a detective and find out what is bothering them, and what they thought. No judging here, just fact finding.

State your case and look for where the stories differ. Realize your spouse is not out to get you, so again put the defenses down. 

You might have to let go of "your side" to embrace the truth. This doesn't mean you were wrong, it means you (both) not entirely accurate. 

Check out the article here

The 10 Minute Rule

So many times we dread doing something. We think about it. Then we think about it some more, and the dread just deepens. Finally we talk ourselves out of doing something. 

The 10 minute rule takes a new direction. Do this thing you are dreading for 10 minutes, then look back and evaluate it. Most of the time you will find the thing you are dreading so much is not that bad. 

Check out the article here

Thanks For All Your Support

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